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San Martin Photography is an advertising photography studio and has become one of the most advanced in the digital and post-production area.

Created by Carlos San Martin, since 1996, the year when digital photography was introduced in Argentina, it has been in the vanguard of the techonologic career.

The development of his work goes from the production and realization up to the montage and post-production edition of the takes, both publicitary and institutional for agencies and big companies.

His work has received awards in Argentina and other countries.

He has dictated digital photography and image post-production seminaries in Bs. As.

The development of internet high speeds has allowed the use of 360 photography, allowing virtual tours of different spaces, ambients or facilities and generating the dynamic and appeal on the visitor so that he stays on the site long enough to visit the site’s offers.

San Martin Interactive Photography will give you the tools to generate full interest of the visitor for your website, with high quality images and development, both for 360 panoramics aswell as conventional photography.